REBAP Manila Chapter – Project Viewings and Accreditation

Yes, there was more.  Building up the spirit of teamwork among its members, the chapter also vitalized the first quarter of the year by equipping themselves with knowledge of various projects. Opportunities are unlimited , with goals in mind to really be of excellent service in the real estate market.  It could be a tall order for the CRBs to be considered as  real estate Trusted Advisors upfront , especially of those prospective clients who are just making cold inquiries and who may be in doubt if they are dealing with professionals.  However, the integrity of REBAP as a whole can speak for itself and can serve as a passport of credibility for its members.

Project site viewing at Camaya Coast.  Its just as fun in Bataan!

Project presentation with Federal Land at REBAP Manila chapter meeting held on March 11, 2017