Real Estate Brokerage Seminar for Real Estate Salespersons

By: CRB Roi Marc Teodoro & CRB Mary Joy Bisana

Naga City, CamSur – The Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines Naga City & Camarines Sur Chapter (REBAP Naga-CamSur) successfully conducted its two-day Real Estate Brokerage Seminar for Salespersons last March 30-31, 2019 at Aljosh Café, Roxas Avenue, Naga City, CamSur. This is in accordance with the memo released by PRBRES last February 18,2019, which reminds all accredited providers of real estate service Resolution No. 13, Series of 2011, attendance to Real Estate Brokerage Seminar for 12 hours is a requirement to be an Accredited Salesperson while CPD requirement is for the renewal of Accreditation or Professional Identification Card of the Real Estate Professionals.

The Chapter’s first seminar focused solely on training new salespersons on the basics of the Real Estate Service followed the topicsmandated by the Operational Guidelines recently released by PRBRES which are the following: the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines (RA 9646), Code of Ethics and Responsibilities, Real Property & Estate Taxation, and Titling and Documentation of Real Estate Properties. These topics were discussed by PRC Accredited Lecturers: CRB Adolfo V. Encila Jr., REC, REC, EnP and Mr. Felix G. Morandarte, Jr., REB, REA.

Members of the chapter especially the Committee on Education and Information were expecting a number of 40 to 50 attendees for the event, however through the help of the chapter members, tarpaulins announcing the event and advertisements online, the number exceeded the capacity of the venue which resulted to  the secretariat being  forced to relocate outside the hall to accommodate more participants inside. CRB Adolfo V. Encila, Jr. adeptly discussed the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines during the first day,which taught the attendees about the laws and government agenciesregulating the real estate service in the Philippines.They were also instructed in real property taxation and documentation for real estate transactions by Mr. Felix Morandarte, Jr. The attendees looked forward to the following day for more information from both lecturers.

The second day saw the participants moving to a bigger hall to give them more space and make it more conducive to learning. Mr. Morandarte gave a bonus lecture on Real Estate Inheritance and Donation after his discussion on Titling and Documentation concluded earlier than expected. The bonus topic was well received by the attendees and they raised questions and sample scenarios which were competently answered by the speaker. More queries were still in line but withthe time constraints they were advised to enquire with their respective brokers instead.

The success of the event was through the collective efforts of the Chapter Secretary, CRBJoy Bisana; the Education Committee headed by CRB Vercille Mona D. Vinculado; with her members, CRB Cynthia B. de las Alas, CRB Desiree M. Bentor, and CRB Salve Q. Bermudo;  with on-site help from CRB Maria Sheila E. Salvo, CRB Araceli D. Felices and IPP CRB Romeo M. delas Alas; the Chapter President CRB Roi Marc A. Teodoro  who oversaw the activity from start to finish; and its Chapter Members who actively campaigned and sent their new recruits to attend the seminar.  The Chapter is grateful to the National VP for External Affairs CRB Mary Margaret Magcalas for her support and guidance to make sure that the activity abide by the mandates of both REBAP National and PRC-PRBRES and to Mr. Arsenio “Kuya Boy” Kanseko for his untiring follow-ups, document checking and communication with PRC-PRBRES to have the seminar properly registered with PRC.  With the conclusion of the seminar, the participants were taught the essential knowledge which would enable them to effectively practice and comply with the rules and regulations governing the real estate profession.